Volunteering at a Christian School: Requirements and Opportunities

Volunteering at a Christian school is a great way to get involved in your child's education and to make a positive impact on the school community. However, there are certain requirements that must be met before you can become a volunteer. All volunteers must register at the receptionist counter and wear a volunteer badge before participating in any school responsibility. They must also complete a background check and an adult-to-student contact policy form.

Additionally, volunteers should use appropriate language, be encouraging, and dress modestly in order to serve as positive role models.Once the background check is complete, volunteers will sign up for the HelpCounter system. This system is essential for linking opportunities to the role the volunteer wants to play. Western Christian School is an interdenominational Christian school for students in grades K through 12th grade. While volunteer hours are not a requirement, all parents are expected to contribute to the school through service, volunteering and participation.At Calvary Christian Academy, special days are set aside for parents to connect with other parents, participate in their children's class and have the opportunity to enjoy a meal with their children.

The goal of Western Christian School is to provide a transformative and holistic education that inspires lifelong learning. By creating an environment of faith, social awareness, sensitivity to individual needs and mutual respect, Western Christian School empowers students, forming future leaders and informed citizens who have a positive impact on their churches, communities and the world.Parents can also get involved by joining Moms In Prayer which meets once a month to pray for Calvary Christian Academy and for various needs within the school community. Western Christian School values the whole person and seeks to promote growth in all areas. By volunteering in your child's school and classroom, you can teach your child how to love and serve the Lord through your example.I hereby authorize, without reservation, any party or agency contacted by Western Christian School administration to provide the above information.

Western Christian School collaborates with families and churches to teach young people to become faithful disciples of Jesus Christ within a community of faith and learning.

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