The Benefits of Volunteering in a Church Setting

Volunteering in a church setting is a great way to express gratitude and strengthen faith. It is an opportunity to serve and spread the Word of Christ, while also helping to alleviate depression and gain new skills. According to the National and Community Services Corporation (CNCS), more than 1 in 4 adults in the United States regularly volunteer in their communities. The main reason why most people volunteer in a church setting is to strengthen their relationship with God.

Spending more time in church improves our ability to do our duty, the work of God. Generosity is time, talent and treasure. Church volunteers sacrifice their time and talent before sacrificially giving away their treasure. By being generous with my time and talent, financial generosity has been a natural way out.Changing the announcements and job descriptions on your bulletin board to keep them up to date and relevant can make a big difference in the number of volunteer requests you'll receive.

Leaving your comfort zone in a volunteer position will inevitably also help you gain new skills. If ministries were to publicize their real needs and opportunities and were careful to recruit qualified volunteers effectively, they could maintain the precious Gospel in their excellent programs.Whether you're struggling with depression or just can't find the path you're looking for, the coherence and community that comes with volunteering can be incredibly useful for those who aren't in the best situation. A recent article in the Christian Post recounts my founding and management of the Office of Volunteer Community Service (OVCS) at the University of Virginia. In addition to helping your community tremendously, working in volunteer positions can also help increase self-confidence.If newly trained recruits who have not yet been assigned attend the monthly meetings, they will be prepared to intervene if the activated volunteers don't attend the required meetings or are not faithful in their weekly volunteer responsibilities.

Be proud of the life you're living, develop your character and develop a strong sense of identity through your role as a volunteer. Whether you're working in children's ministry or planning events, the time you spend volunteering at your local church will have a big impact.

Justine Marques
Justine Marques

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