What is the Average Class Size in a Christian School?

The average size of a university's class is around 24 students, with 52 percent of all classes having 19.On an elementary campus, the average class size is 26 students, with two classes per grade level. The enrollment for the transition from kindergarten to sixth grade is more than 400 students, and more than 550 students for the middle school and high school campus. Tuition assistance is available if needed.Households whose DMC tuition costs represent 12 percent or more of their gross income must apply for assistance. Christian universities across the country tend to prioritize smaller classes and more rewarding teaching environments.

Texas Christian University has grown rapidly in recent years and still maintains small classes. Prospective students should research the total size of the school's student body, the student-teacher ratio, and the typical class size to determine if their academic needs and interests will be met.At Liberty University, 73 percent of all classes have 29 students or fewer. While many Christian universities offer smaller classes than public universities, it's important to research this metric before applying. In the past decade, Christian-affiliated universities have seen a significant increase in student enrollment, but this hasn't affected the average class size at many of the biggest names in this sector.Scottsdale Christian offers extremely small classes on average, ranking second only to large public institutions.

These institutions tend to have lower tuition bills and simpler admissions policies, which attract a larger number of students on average. The fastest-growing universities today are those with an evangelical Christian affiliation.Students should research key statistics related to current Christian universities across the country to determine if they will be a name or a number on campus, or if they will receive individual attention to reach their maximum academic potential.

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