How Christian Schools Support Student Health and Wellness

All students in grades K-12 have the opportunity to engage in regular physical activity and learn about the importance of personal fitness, sportsmanship, and healthy eating. Immanuel Christian School provides physical education classes twice a week for grades three to eight and three times a week for kindergarten and second grade. During the school day, students are given the chance to stretch their legs and release energy, allowing them to focus better when returning to the classroom. Immanuel Christian School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or national or ethnic origin.

All foods offered on the school campus meet or exceed the USDA Smart Snacks in School nutrition standards. Fundraising campaigns on the school campus must also meet these standards. Grace Christian School takes steps to promote health and wellness beyond sending students home when they don't feel well. Food celebrations are limited to one party per class per month, and snacks served during the school day are focused on fruits and vegetables as main snacks and water as the main beverage.

The JCA will develop a plan to create a school for high school and lower school as part of science, math and nutrition activities in the classroom. It is important for schools to support physical health and wellness among their students. Unfortunately, 33% of high school students do not do enough vigorous physical activity and 72% of high school students do not attend daily physical education classes. This can lead to an increased risk of heart disease, cancer, strokes, and diabetes later in life.

Schools should provide students with periodic breaks during which they are encouraged to stand and engage in moderate activity. They should also offer a variety of physical activity opportunities that are in addition to physical education and not a substitute for it. By encouraging healthy eating habits, physical activity, and other elements of a healthy lifestyle among school staff, students can be supported in their efforts to lead healthier lives.

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