Exploring the Extracurricular Opportunities at a Christian School

Christian schools offer a variety of extracurricular activities for students to explore. From art clubs to community outreach, there are plenty of opportunities for students to get involved and develop their skills. The CRU is an organization that helps attract students to Christ, often equipping other young people to share their own faith. Local chapters organize Bible studies, scholarship events, and other activities.

The CRU is often associated with university ministry, but it also has a ministry in high school. Art Club is open to all high school students and is designed to further explore the tools, techniques, and expression of art in an informal setting. This allows students to experience creating art beyond what the classroom experience can offer. The club meets twice a month throughout the year.Community Outreach is responsible for organizing projects and involving the school community in participating in community service in the Elgin metropolitan area.

Students in this club will also learn to supervise small groups and prayer groups on the school campus.Dress a Girl Around the World is an opportunity for students to meet every week before school to sew dresses for girls in third world countries. It's open to all grades and sewing skills are not a prerequisite. The desire of this group is for girls to know that they are worthy of respect and that they are loved by God.Future Teachers Club is open to second, third and final year students who are interested in teaching as a profession. Members meet regularly, usually over lunch, to learn about the various facets of teaching.

During the spring term, members will have the opportunity to participate in a two-day hands-on teaching experience in Westminster.Nursing Student Association provides students who continue a career in nursing with the experience of cohesion and networking when providing services to the university and the community. The purpose of extracurricular activities is to develop the gifts that God has given to students, as well as to inculcate school spirit and provide opportunities for fellowship outside of the classroom.The Student Senate helps coordinate student activities throughout the school, approve and support class council initiatives, and develop students' leadership skills. A limited open forum is created when a public high school allows one or more groups of students unrelated to the curriculum to meet on school facilities during non-school hours.Hospitality Club familiarizes students with the food service and hospitality industries, and identifies where a student's interest might be in this field. Theater provides an opportunity for students who want to be part of a theatrical production at the high school level.

To promote these goals, members seek to promote respect for life among Eastern Christians and at the local, state and national levels, educate about life's problems, help those in need to make life a promising option, and work with others who share common goals.Criminal Justice Club (Downtown Office of Campus Life) has the purpose of exposing members to a wide variety of different fields and careers in the field of criminal justice, organizing speakers and organizing trips to centers affiliated with criminal justice. School authorities may maintain order and discipline in school facilities and may prohibit club meetings that interfere materially and substantially with the orderly development of educational activities within the school.

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