The Unparalleled Benefits of Attending a Christian School

Why send your child to a Christian school? Christian school education includes the Bible, and parents can be sure that their Christian values are shared. Building a spiritual foundation for life, being part of a supportive community, and instilling Christ-centered values through academic, athletic, and faith-filled activities are just some of the advantages of attending a Christian school. Unlike public schools, private Christian schools tend to attract dedicated teachers who are motivated to teach students who are equally motivated to learn and excel. Teachers and students can thrive in an environment that encourages advanced studies in mathematics, physics, electronics, chemistry, and other hard sciences, as well as classical liberal arts.

A major benefit of a Christian school is that the student's parents and other family members often invest heavily in the overall success of the school. This is in stark contrast to public schools where chaotic and uncontrolled environments can lead to harassment and violence. The moral character and strict rules of conduct of a Christian school make this type of unacceptable behavior a rarity. Being surrounded daily by like-minded people who are receiving the same Christian education helps children become responsible adults who understand how to live every day in the love of God with equally moral neighbors.

Furthermore, Christian schools offer specific classes or courses in which biblical content and biblical doctrine are taught in an intentional way. The discipline learned at a Christian school also improves success rates in post-secondary education when students monitor their class attendance and performance. In addition to physical well-being, Christian schools offer a safe emotional and spiritual environment. Students can express their ideas, explore new things, and most importantly, be themselves.Christian schools also have highly polite and caring teachers, top-notch extracurricular activities, and small class sizes.

Moreover, teachers and other staff members believe in Jesus Christ. According to Jeynes from CAPE: “Students who attend religious schools have fewer behavioral problems than their peers, even when they adjust to their socioeconomic status, race and gender”.In general, the value of Christian education is priceless for those seeking to develop academically and grow in their faith. Simple faith has its own ineluctable power, but it's always useful to review why Christian education is indispensable for children.

Justine Marques
Justine Marques

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