What Types of Curriculum Do Christian Schools Offer?

Christian schools offer a variety of curriculum options, from Abeka to Ignitia, to ensure students receive a comprehensive education that is rooted in biblical principles. Abeka's curriculum provides an opportunity for teachers to observe masterful teaching techniques and learn the methods by imitation. Grand Rapids Christian High School and Rockford Christian School integrate faith with excellent academics to prepare students for success in high school and beyond. The average class size is approximately 25 people, and teachers have state credentials for their teaching tasks.

When considering a Christian school curriculum, it is important to consider the academic rigor of the materials. Many argue that Christian curricula do not have the same academic rigor as those published by major publishers. However, if most teachers and administrators in a school have not received any formal training to interpret the Scriptures and analyze world views, it may be best for the school to implement a Christian curriculum. The three most popular Christian school curriculum publishers are Abeka, BJU Press and Purposeful Design.

Abeka offers an opportunity to observe masterful teaching techniques in operation and learn the methods by imitation. BJU Press provides a comprehensive education that is rooted in biblical principles. Purposeful Design offers interactive features and benefits that enrich the educational experience of Christian teachers and students in elementary, middle and high school. At Christian schools, students also have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular sports with other Christian schools in the Bay Area Christian School Athletic League (BASCAL).

A first-rate Christian curriculum will encourage all students to learn, grow, and become the best possible person through the grace and love of Jesus Christ. Whether it's a Christian school curriculum or a secular curriculum, the most important outcome to consider is whether teachers are instructing students in a biblical worldview and encouraging worldview thinking. From mathematics and science to art and the humanities, every aspect of Christian education is projected in the light of the Word of God.

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