How Christian Schools Ensure Quality Education for Students

Students who receive a Christian education often score higher on standardized tests than those who receive a secular education. This is due to the higher educational standards established by Christ-centered schools than the standards of public and charter schools. At Crown Point Christian School, our faculty does everything possible to provide our students with the knowledge and technology needed to receive an excellent education and to provide the support needed to succeed now and in the future. Quality teachers are the real key to quality education.

However, since most schools don't exhibit their teachers, it's difficult — perhaps even impossible — for parents to assess the quality of a school, so they look for clues in the facilities. Christian schools can almost always offer more individual attention than public schools. Christian School classes generally have fewer students, so class sizes are much smaller. One of the privileges of my job as a Christian school principal is talking to first-time parents who are exploring the possibility of enrolling their children in a Christian school for the first time.

Teachers and students continually pray for each other during difficult times and in good times, providing an inclusive and loving learning environment in which everyone feels supported and welcome. The pedagogy that teachers use, the subjects they choose to teach, and the way in which a school implements its disciplinary policies should reflect the history of salvation. Along with the curriculum, pedagogy also shapes the student's worldview and life because the way a teacher teaches communicates what the Christian school community values. When parents think of homeschooling, public school, or Christian school for their children's education, what many expect to find is a place where their vision for their children and the school's vision of learning overlap.

In a school that follows a Christ-based curriculum, students spend their time among educators and peers who share the same values and principles as their family. Both the curriculum and pedagogy of a Christian school should encourage curiosity and encourage students to delve into the wonder and majesty of God's creation. However, the creation and the curriculum also help us to develop this perspective or understanding of biblical or Christian truth. Parents should also expect the Christian school classroom to be free from rhetoric, alarmism, and stereotypes as teachers explain and talk to their students about complex topics.Within the tight school community, students have close relationships with their teachers, who often act as role models.

This is why Christian schools should offer students the opportunity to practice caring for creation, visit and sing with the major saints in the nursing home down the street, and handing out food at the local shelter. When you invest in your child's Christian education, you invest in more than just their education; you invest in their future. Eric Vosko reflects on his experience as a student in a private school: “It was strange for me because the school was so small.

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