What is a Christian School Curriculum?

A Christian school provides students with a top-notch education and helps them develop a Christ-centered moral compass. For instance, when teaching a unit about animals, a science teacher can ask her students to search for verses from the Bible that refer to animals. Grand Rapids Christian High School and Rockford Christian School are two examples of schools that integrate faith with excellent academics to fully prepare students for success in high school and beyond. The average class size is around 25 people and teachers have state credentials for their teaching tasks.

Students participate in activities that establish connections with their lives, learn through rote work, and view these truths within the framework of a reformed Christian perspective. All students take part in visual arts, music in general, world language studies, and physical education. Learning experiences involve high school students in both exploring and mastering basic skills.Due to some Christian homes having conflicting beliefs with public schools, the Christian curriculum is a popular choice for homeschooling. Students engage in activities that establish connections with their lives, learn passages from the Bible, and see the truths through the framework of Reformed Christianity.

Recently, more Christian schools have realized that including a Bible verse or a Christian virtue here and there isn't enough to empower students with a distinctly biblical worldview. As COVID-19 closed the doors to in-person learning in many public schools, enrollment in Christian schools across the country skyrocketed.In addition to the preschool through 12th grade curriculum, some Christian universities also use a prescribed course of teaching materials for their courses and incorporate Christian beliefs into classes in music theory, art, and other classes as part of their degree programs. Some homeschooling families choose to incorporate a mix of material from secular publishers and Christian publishers into their homeschool curriculum. It makes sense that materials that come from Christian publishers would provide children with a biblical perspective on the topic.However, some are concerned that students who are only exposed to Christian ideas in the classroom are not prepared to evaluate secular philosophies once they graduate.

Most curriculum, whether produced by secular or Christian publishers, conform to common state and basic standards. In public schools, the separation of church and state generally prohibits the use of a curriculum based on a single religion, as well as the observance of any religious practice.Grand Rapids Christian Schools is an independent Christian day school for preschool to twelfth grade comprised of five campuses serving students in the Grand Rapids metropolitan area of western Michigan. Orangewood Christian School admits students of any race, color, national origin and ethnicity to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally granted or made available to school students.

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