The Benefits of Attending a Christian School

In a Christian school, students learn to build authentic Christ-based friendships and relationships. Exposure to Christian values at home and at school helps children become stable adults committed to serving others and following Christ. Christian schools promote academic excellence while being intellectually humble. The curriculum gives priority to academics, but also integrates biblical values with the required teaching material.

Your child can explore concepts such as science and mathematics from a Christian perspective, in a safe environment. Concepts learned in the classroom can be viewed through a variety of lenses, including those of the Christian faith. A Christian school provides more than just academic knowledge; it also offers students the opportunity to explore their faith and develop their vision of the world. The curriculum and pedagogy of a Christian school cannot limit student learning to a transactional company in which knowledge is valued with the ultimate goal of obtaining high test scores or upward mobility.

A Christian school provides a place for students to express their ideas, explore new adventures, and be themselves in a judgement-free zone. Christian schools must remind students that a vocation is, as Fredrick Buechner says, “the place where a person's deep passions and the profound needs of the world meet”. Not only is the Bible taught as it is, but the inspired Word of God also serves as the basis for other texts. Along with the curriculum, pedagogy also shapes the student's worldview and life because the way a teacher teaches communicates what the Christian school community values.

While strong academics continue to be at the forefront, Christian schools have the freedom to align the curriculum with Christian values. Jamie Smith said that “Christian education does not consist only of the transfer of information, but also of the task of forming, the types of people that constitute a “peculiar people”. When this happens, the curriculum of Christian schools provides time and space for students to learn how mathematics, poetry, biology, sexuality, evolution, and the environment are part of God's good creation. Attending a Christian school offers many benefits for students; from developing relationships with Christ-based friends to exploring concepts from a faith-based perspective.

It also provides an opportunity for students to learn how to be disciples of Jesus Christ while participating in Christian practices.

Justine Marques
Justine Marques

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